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Soula Dee's 12-week weight loss journey : Some Full Fat Loss Journeys

Stephanie Higgins says she lost 9.2 kg (1.4st) weight loss plan for the "Some Full Fat Loss Journeys" will never be hungry.

From counting calories to snacking, Stephanie shows how she did it, and how the plan helped her to develop healthier habits in 12 weeks.

  • How did you hear about this plan?

I would like to go to the gym for about five months, but I have not lost weight. I actually put on weight. I thought my diet can be a problem. I looked up already, how many calories should I eat a day to lose weight and I found the "Some Full Fat Loss Journeys" 12-week weight loss plan.

  • Why do you want to lose weight?

I knew it was not a healthy weight. Fashionable clothes just looked wrong to me, even if properly fitted. I had to buy a bigger size clothes far too often. I was a size 10-12 all my life, but the weight has been creeping up over the last five years. My last few jobs deskbound and my activity levels have dropped.

One day I realized how much I have and I decided that I wanted to get back to my ideal weight. I have five weeks vacation of a lifetime in the United States are planned this summer. My boyfriend and I will be making the trip through California, Harley Davidson and end up in Hawaii. It gave me a lot of motivation.

  • How much can you lose?

In the course of 12 weeks, and lost 9.2 kg (20lbs). I started with a 80.5 kg (177.6lbs) with body mass index (BMI) of almost 30 At the end of 12 weeks, and was 71.3 kg (157.4lbs) and my BMI dropped to 25.6, which is almost the normal weight range.

Ideally, I'd like to get to 60 kg (133lbs). It was my weight about five years ago and the weight I feel comfortable. I've been in or around this weight for most of my adult life. I'm probably not going to get there, before I go on vacation, but I would like to lose another stone (6.3 kg) in advance.

  • How did you counting calories?

It gets easier as you go. I used a pair of counting calories pages [amount of calories and weight loss resources]. Initially I was looking for anything, but as time goes on, I met some of the calories in foods, such as fruits, which were my main snack. I wrote down every calorie I had during the day in a notebook. In the evening, I tot that my calories and update food and exercise chart. It does not take long and I think it's very helpful to keep track of calories.

  • Have you found a weight loss blog helpful?

Yes! I believe that the Internet forum is a place of support and guidance from others doing the same. People on the forum, it seems really interested in what you say, as they are in the same boat. It feels great to be able to share my experience with other weight loss on the forum who are just starting out.

  • What kind of training did you do?

I was going to the gym about three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes a session. I generally done with my boyfriend, which was great for motivation. I did a bit of running on a treadmill and some strength exercises. At first, I set myself the goal of running miles without stopping. Now I can do 20 minutes non-stop on the treadmill. I also did sit-ups every morning and worked my way up to 100 days. I have not done any for a while, as it was too long.

  • How to plan your meals?

We want to do the weekly shop and try a few more healthy options, such as more fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry. I used the kitchen scale to weigh things like rice and pasta. And reduce your portions and always made sure there were at least two or three servings of vegetables on the plate. Dessert was always fruit. There were a few meals that we had each week, as curry chicken and spaghetti bolognese, which has kept the work of counting calories down.

  • As the plan's impact on family life?

Initially, it was difficult to balance. I live with my boyfriend, who did not lose weight. I cut a lot of carbohydrates in our meals and fill up on vegetables. He ate the same as me and began to lose weight too! So he started a separate snacks and light meals throughout the day so as not to starve.

  • How did you eating?

I ate less than usual and made ​​healthier choices. If we were going for a curry, I ordered less rice and dropped the usual order a side of chips. It is not always easy to keep track of calories when eating out, so I just compensate by reducing my calorie intake and doing long training session the next day.

  • How to deal with mishaps?

If I had a cheeky snack, I just want to add calories to your daily total and adjusted my calorie intake throughout the day to stay below my 1400kcal benefit. If this is not possible, I would make sure he did not go to my add another day of the week, and can speed up the execution. Probably the most important thing is to pick up and carry on - slip now and then it does not matter too much in the long run.

  • How to deal with cravings?

After the plan about a week, I do not really have any desire, I would just eat healthy and often. I never went hungry, which is one of the reasons why you sometimes get a craving. Appetizers were already built in a day - usually dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and apples, and fresh fruit.

  • How do you keep yourself motivated?

Thinking about the beach in Hawaii. The first week I lost almost 1 kg (2.2lbs), which is a bag of sugar. Hand, we had a full bag of sugar in the closet, so I took it and looked at it and felt the weight. It was heavy, so I would remember this bag of sugar so often. Seeing the weight come off and fitting into smaller clothes was probably the best motivator.

  • How do you change the plan?

I asked my boyfriend and his reply was: "You're thinner" I now have a daily breakfast, which I never used it. I eat a lot more vegetables. I learned to recognize the difference between being hungry and just feel hungry. In general, stick to the plan for 12 weeks helped me to develop new healthy habits.

  • Do you still need to lose weight?

I would like to lose a few pounds. I stopped counting calories, but I stick to my new routine of eating healthy, with smaller portions and regular exercise. After doing this for 12 weeks, it kind of feels normal to me.

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