Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fat Man Finishes His Full Fat Loss Journey

  • He could not even see his feet because his stomach.

"How did I let myself get this fat?" He yelled at each other. "I have to do something - at once"
And that was the turning point.

  • Since then the 'coach' decided to change his life.

Gone were the days of coming home from work and eating a large bag of potato chips when deciding which large pizza for dinner, and what flavor of ice cream for dessert.
What is "coach" in this mess ... and it's just a new way of life that will help him to change.
And so began his journey.
Finally, "Coach" was able to lose 14 inches from his waist and nearly 100 pounds of fat from his body.
But then something happened to him. Something that is likely to happen, too.

  • He hit a plateau of weight loss.

Coach was not able to break through the £ 100 mark and eventually lose the last bit of stubborn fat that stuck in my stomach as the last bit of ice cream has always stuck to the bottom of the carton ate back in the day.
So, Coach began searching high and low for an answer, the secret, the one thing that will enable him to finally lose that last bit of fat.
He interviewed the best coaches. He went to all the big conference facility. And then I found a solution - becoming Certified Trainer Turbulence and using proven methods of research and Stacking metabolism to achieve faster results for both its customers and itself.

  • Coach, How may already know, the joke certified trainer, Mikey turbulence, "pancakes" Whitfield.

Mikey used to be really overweight. He was on the fast-track to die an early death, to be condemned to live in a low energy, sleep apnea, and eventually (most likely), erectile dysfunction, diabetes and heart disease.
Going through life as Fat Coach Mikey would not have the strength to play with their children, to keep up with his young wife, energy, and even being able to play a pick-up game of basketball that he loves.
So thank God that he came to the Metabolic Research Laying I shared with the world last year.
You see, it's Mikey helped create more than 51 Workout surface (together with fun, follow along training videos), which will guide you through each set and burn fat faster than ever rep.
And yes, you can even use Mickey finishers Workout with the new Turbulence Training.
Simply connect the "Finisher" Mickey the favorite exercises to double their performance and increase 38 to 48 "after-burn" an increased metabolic rate ...

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